Jeannie Wright

Natural Hoof Care ~ Northern IL & SE Wisconsin

Certified Member ~ American Hoof Association

Authorized Easy care Boot dealer

815/245-9617 cell (Try this First!)** email:



About Me

       I watched my horse walk off from his first natural hoof trim with utter amazement. His stride was at least 6" longer than it was an hour before and his shoulder movement was loose and free. I was hooked right then and there.

        I am certified through the American Hoof Association and Mackinaw Dells 2 Applied Whole Horse Hoof Care and have studied various natural hoof care theories. I follow a common sense approach based on each horse's individuality, environment, and work load. Specific areas of study include hoof anatomy, impact of terrain on the whole horse, nutritional benefits upon the hoof, appropriate booting for both remedial and preventative hoof health, trimming to bring out the best in each hoof, transitioning out of metal shoes and into a healthy foot, and promoting good horse stewardship. I have worked full time in the field since 2007 and provide hoof care for approximately 300 horses in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

       I live in Ringwood, IL with my husband Larry. We have three wonderful daughters, two Tennessee Walker geldings: Mikey and Count, chickens and two Siamese cats. I trail ride for pleasure.

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